Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bring LD for QSE Survey @ Auditorium on next Monday, 14 July

Dear Sec 4s,

Please be reminded to bring your LDs (charged sufficiently) & be seated in Auditorium according to index number & class for morning assembly before 8.40am

After the national anthem, pledge taking & attendance is taken, a short briefing will be conducted prior to the QSE survey. This is a MOE required survey to understand your individual experiences throughout 4 years in SST. 

All teachers will exit the venue prior to the Survey. You are encouraged to speak the truth (with love) and share your thoughts on how your Secondary School experience has been. MOE will crunch the numbers & share with us some time in the future about what has been done well & what needs to be improved for the benefit of future generations.


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